Is Your Bed Making You Sick?

Most people are aware that outdoor
air pollution can damage their health,
but may not know that indoor air
pollution can also have significant
effects. These levels of indoor air
pollutants are of particular concern
because it is estimated that most
people spend as much as 90% of their
time indoors.

Allergies are an over reaction of the
immune system to foreign substances.
This over reaction weakens your
immune system, draining your energy
and leaving you more susceptible to
infectious diseases caused by viruses
and bacteria.

Allergic reactions can range from
mildly uncomfortable to life
threatening, as in a severe asthma
attack. Health experts are especially
concerned about people with asthma.
These people have very sensitive
airways that can react to various
irritants, making breathing difficult.
The estimated number of people with
asthma has risen over 59 percent
since 1970, to over 100 000 people in
the Greater Montreal Area. The
number of related deaths has
increased by 68 percent.

The largest source of indoor air
pollution is from the common
household dust mite. In February,
1993, John W. Maunder, Ph.D.,
Director of the Medical Entomology
Center at the University of
Cambridge, UK, published a paper
entitled “Carpets, Mattresses House
Dust Mites and Asthma” in which he
states, “There is no longer room for
serious doubt about the dominant
role of the house dust mite in both
the initial induction of asthma and in
the subsequent triggering of wheezy

You sleep 1/3 of your life which
means you are breathing in the fecal
matter more heavily eight hours out
of the day.Latest research shows
that 40% of the Canadians that
suffer from any type of allergy, suffer
because of the dust mites that are
accumulated in the mattress and the
rest of the household. It's also known
that 90% of people who suffer from
asthma have an allergy to the house
dust mite.

Remember also your pets release
dust mites the same as humans, and
this causes more pet allergies for
most people. To cut down on the dust
mites caused by pets its best you
groom your pets outside. Pets should
be bathed on a weekly basis.

How do you eliminate Dust Mites?

Research shows that properly
cleaning your mattress is the
best way to get rid of dust mites
and keep them away. At Evolution
cleaners, We are Montreal's
experts in dealing with bed bugs!
We clean and sanitize the
mattress Starting by a high heat
steaming all over the entire
surface of the mattress. High
heat is the most effective way of
killing dust mites. We follow by a
deep injection/extraction
cleaning procedure in order to
remove dust mite remains and
byproducts as well as any other
soiling or contaminants. A dust
mite treatment is then sprayed
on the mattress. The dust mite
treatment provides extra
protection beyond the cleaning
up to 6 months. At this point all
dust mites are gone and your
mattress is like brand new. A
treatment of scotch guard on top
of this is ideal and will keep the
dust mites out. Evolution cleaners
recommends cleaning your
mattress at least once a year.